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New Year’s Resolution List of Ideas: 10 Achievable Goals To Set For Yourself In 2023

It’s hard to imagine 2022 is almost over and will be ringing in another year – 2023 will be here before we know it. Are you thinking about taking on a New Year’s resolution or two?

Here is a list of my favorite New Year’s resolutions ideas for 2023.

1. Drink plenty of water every day.

It’s pretty easy to take water for granted. In fact, here in the United States, it is something where we can walk up to any faucet, turn it on and water comes out, fresh, clean and ready to drink.

Even so, if you’re anything like me, there are days, weeks, when you don’t drink enough water. But the benefits of water not only help with hydration but clear skin, better focus, and more.

2. Stand up and move the body more.

As a busy realtor often we get focused on the task at hand and forget to stand up and move our bodies.

Make it a goal to start taking daily walks around your neighborhood, going to the gym, or taking up a group exercise class.

3. Adopt an attuite of gratitude.

Focus your eyes on all you have instead of the things you don’t can help to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

One way to do this is to make a regular practice of writing out three things you are thankful for each day. On other days when my calendar is full of client showings, interviews for new agents, and sneaking in a quick lunch, I’ll take time driving between appointments to say out loud what I’m grateful for.

4. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

Treat your sleep time as important and don’t schedule meetings, events, or other things that will interfere with it. Sometimes things happen in life where sleeping a full seven hours at night is out of your control but make sure it’s an exception.  Sacrificing sleep for the sake of checking off something on your to-do list is probably not the best thing. Your overall well-being is what’s most important.

5. Create a weekend routine.

As a realtor, weekends can be filled with not only showing homes, and meeting with new clients but also personal things like tackling projects, a little laundry, and maybe going out for dinner with friends.

If you assign each day a goal your more like;y to achieve it. With crystal clear focus on what your goals are for the weekend, it’s easier to know what you need to get done.

6. Perfect one recipe in 90 days.

Are you looking to make a really good load of sourdough bread? Why not try a bunch of different recipes, pick the one you like best, and continue to make the recipe over the next 90 days until you’ve perfected it.

Whether sourdough, cinnamon buns, or apple tarts, become familiar with the recipe then the next day you have guests over, and you can impress them with your perfected recipe.

7. Set a monthly budget by using a budget planner

The first step to managing your finances and getting out of debt is to know exactly where your money is going. Developing a habit of tracking your expenses is a great step to financial freedom.

There are scores of free printable budget planners or worksheets on the Internet. Find one you like, print it out, and pick a day each week to review your finances.

8. Clean out your inbox

Wouldn’t it feel great to start the year right with a fresh, clutter-free email inbox?

Instead of deleting emails you NEVER read, create a dummy email address using Gmail or another email provider. Avoid using your real estate company’s branded email address. All that “junk” mail will go into a not-so-important email and you save your company email for those important messages.

9. Plan your days out.

Benjamin Franklin’s said, “By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail.

It might sound cliche, but it’s so very true. The reality is most people who are successful realtors, are so because they take time to plan. They write down meetings, appointments, utilize a daily task app or list, and use their calendars as a map toward achieving their goals.

10. Put a good home system in place.

If you are a mom and realtor, you know trying to run your household without any type of system may feel like an endless cycle of doing the wrong things without

Putting simple systems in place in your household will help it run like clockwork. Some of the most common systems that will help you:

  • Create meal plans that work for you
  • Master keeping organized and tidy house without spending hours on chores
  • Create a budget and review it weekly

If you’re not sure where to start, usually meal plans and creating a grocery list is a two-fold win with telling your money where to go and saving you hours of time each week in the kitchen.

A new year represents 365 new opportunities to make that two-millimeter shift in your life. No matter what New Year’s resolution you decide to do, pick one or two things to work on and complete those before moving on to another item.

What New Year’s resolutions are you going to set out to accomplish in 2023?

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