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6 Free Open House Sign-In Sheets to Try This Weekend (With Free Printables)

Have you searched frantically for an open-house sign-in sheet only to grab a white piece of paper to collect people’s names as this walk in the door at your open house? If this is you, then you’re in for a treat.

If you’ve never used a sign-in sheet, they exist to collect information on the people who come to tour the listing you are showing. It’s an important part of your lead generation strategy. Someone could be touring the home who does not yet have an agent, or those who do have an agent but are not happy with their work.

There’s no better feeling than when you walk out into the yard, yank out of the ground the open house sign, and go to collect your sign-in sheets only to see dozens of names.

I’ve shared below six of my favorite open-house sign-in sheets.

I prefer color over black and white open house sign-in sheets as they tend to stand out better. I did include one black-and-white sign-in sheet for those who only have black ink printers.

1. Basic Open House Sign-in Sheets

Download all six of the open house sign-in sheets now.

2. Open House Sign-In Sheet With Feedback

3. Detailed Open House Sign-In Sheet

Download the Open House Sign-In Sheets Now

Grab your open house sign-in sheets and make your next open house a success!

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